Living in Red Deer

If you are thinking about living in Red Deer Alberta…

… we can assure you that it is truly a vibrant city that has so much to offer. There is a wide range of amenities available to residents in this great city. Such amenities include health centers, hospitals, schools, museums, and libraries.


Residents living in Red Deer love to call it home. All of them interact, learn, work, play and live in all of the neighborhoods Red Deer has to offer. Neighborhoods in and around Red Deer are quite safe and secure. It is a city that endeavors to connect as many residents with each other as possible. There are a large number of groups, associations, and agencies who do their best to look after this fabulous city.


From time to time, residents living in Red Deer will be able to participate in its Block Party Program. The purpose of these parties is to help residents to get to know their neighbors and community. Residents will also be able to have a sense of belonging within their community.


Red Deer offers a fantastic range of education options. It is home to both private and public schools, post-secondary institutions and francophone programs. There are plenty of schools within and close to the city. If you are residing in the cities and towns close by, you can be assured there are education options in these places too. There are also several universities close to Red Deer so you will not have to travel too far to get them.


Red Deer offers two major libraries and three branches. These are great places to come to if you are looking for some good books to read. You can also come to any of these libraries and take advantage of the internet and printing systems available.  There are at least five different museums plus one art gallery in and around Red Deer. All museums are well worth a visit if you are looking for something to do in your spare time. You and your family will be kept occupied for hours.


If you are living in Red Deer and would like to do some volunteering, then pay a visit to Volunteer Central. Our volunteers help keep Red Deer going on a daily basis. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the community as well as its residents.  There may be times when you need information about services such as parenting and family programs, mental health support, housing and utility assistance, government program assistance and others. The best place to come to for this is 211 Alberta. 211 will be able to get you connected with social services and other communities. You will also be able to access the online community resource directory.


It is very easy to get around the city of Red Deer. There is plenty of car parking available. Loads of public transport options. Cycling and walking trails. And of course, there is the airport. Red Deer is a very safe city with not much crime. If you are considering living in Red Deer, then please keep all of these things in mind. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how great of a city it really is.