Aging In Place

As people get older, we start to think about the future and what that may bring. Like most people, we all enjoy our freedom and independence, so we tend to try and hold onto that as much as we can as we age. As time goes on people end up with physical limitations. Sometimes these limitations are simply moving slower, other times it requires a walker or wheelchair. As these things happen, one may begin to think that they may need to move, however, many people do not like this prospect as they want to hold onto their independence and freedom. To counteract these changes and needs, one can plan ahead by incorporating aging in place into their home.

Aging in place is simply put as being able to stay in one’s home, regardless of age, safely, independently and comfortably. The goal is to be able to live in your home by modifying certain aspects of the home to increase mobility and access in the home.

Things that are considered in an aging in place renovation include:

  • replacing door knobs with lever-style handles
  • lowering light switches
  • replacing switches with rocker or toggle style switches
  • adding more lighting
  • installing motion sensor lighting
  • installing slip-resistant flooring
  • secure rugs or runners
  • widen hallways and doorways
  • install handrails on each side of the stairs for more stability
  • install grab rails
  • install and curb-less shower
  • add non-slip tape to the stairs
  • install pull-out inserts into cabinets or more drawers instead of shelves
  • elevate dishwasher for easier access
  • install a wall mount oven
  • to reduce the chance of burning, install an induction cook top
  • installing ramps
  • installing chairlifts
  • adjust the height of counters

There are more options available and can be discussed with your local renovation company to provide the best possible solutions for your needs. The goal is to provide a safe environment that is easy to navigate and allows those who are aging to stay in their homes longer.

If you or a family member is in need of renovations to their home so they can age in place, be sure to talk to a trusted renovation contractor to discuss what renovations are needed now and in the future. They will work with you to be sure that you or your family member can receive the renovations that they require. It is important to be sure that the person who is planning to age in place has the proper plans in place to ensure that they will be able to safely stay in their homes or if they will require a caregiver’s support or would do well in an assisted living complex.