Why Red Deer


If you are looking to move to Red Deer and haven’t fully decided if this is the best place for you, here are some reasons that Red Deer is a great place to live.

Being located in-between Edmonton and Calgary has many benefits, not only are both major cities within driving distance, Red Deer is a stopping point for many travelers which boosts the economy.

Red Deer has all of the big city amenities while still being small enough to not have the feeling of a huge city. There really isn’t anything that you need to leave Red Deer for, unless you are in need of a larger airport. You can find all that you need here, right in Red Deer. It has most major retailers and has many local businesses that cater to any and every need. You can also get from one end of the city to the other in roughly 20 minutes and even the rush hour traffic does not add too much time to that.

As a family moving into Red Deer, there are many schools available for your children to attend and they can also attend the college here once they have graduated. Red Deer College has also been granted permission to become a university and is in the process of gaining that status. This helps people further their education without the extra expense of having to move to another city to continue their schooling.

There is housing for all income brackets available. Whether you are looking for a small apartment or a large mansion, there is something available for you. There are also many homes that are just outside of Red Deer that gives you the ability to live close to a booming city with all the amenities available close by.

Red Deer also has many options for entertainment, theaters, skate board parks, hockey team, and more

The Westerner allows for many events to come to Red Deer, concerts, Festival of Trees etc

With so much available it is easy why so many people love Red Deer.