Interesting facts about Red Deer, Alberta Canada

Red Deer is located in Alberta Canada. It is located near the center of Calgary-Edmonton Corridors and is also encompassed by Red Deer County. Red deer is Alberta’s third-most-populous town right after Edmonton and Calgary. The town is located within aspen parkland, the area known for rolling hillsides that hosts grain, oil, and cattle productions. This is the centre for oil and agriculture distribution, as well as surrounding region is the center for petrochemical productions. Red Deer has populace of 100418 as per 2016 Canada census making it the 3rd largest city to exceed the population of 100000 people


Where is Red Deer located?

As mentioned above Red Deer is located within Main Alberta; midway between major cities of Edmonton and Calgary. Alberta’s busiest freeway, known as Queen Elizabeth II (QE II) Freeway, goes through this region and links Red Deer to Edmonton and Calgary. The term “Red Deer Corridors” explains Red Deer area as well as the neighbourhoods across QE II Highway.


Moving to Red Deer

Whether you are thinking of shifting to Red Deer region or for those who have just relocated here, the most comfortable welcome is awaiting you. This town is simple to navigate and offers many facilities that any one would expect to have in Canada’s biggest metropolitan areas. This is the greatest place to work and stay with your family and enjoy.


Living in Red Deer

Red Deer has all the facilities that you need – great schools, high-end hospitals, and health care centres. You can always learn many new things from libraries and museums.


Attractions of Red Deer


Recreation Centres

City has a recreation Centre, which is actually an old structure that is changed according to contemporary specifications and has steam rooms, outdoor and indoor pools, hot tubs along with many other attractions.


Red Deer’s Museum of Artwork Collection

Located near recreation Center of Red Deer city. This Museum has exhibit, which tells great history of this region; short-term exhibits are changed after few months. This museum is also used for multiple educational camps for both children and adults.


Waskasoo Recreation area

Waskasoo Recreational area is located in Red Deer on its outskirts within south west, from the center of Red Deer, to its outer parts within northeast across Red Deer’s River. It has over 80.0 miles (50.0 kilometres) of multipurpose roadways for rollerblading, cycling,  horse riding, cross-nation skiing snowshoeing as well as walking. This park is the main reason why this city is called as “Park Town”.


Westerner Exposition Ground

Westerner Exposition Ground hosts many events like Westerner Days and Agricon. Held in July, this place features rodeo, fair, chuck-wagon races, shows and exhibitions as well as many other events.


Benefits of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


  1. One of the quickest growing economies, but nonetheless extremely safe for family members.


  1. You can any time go for the short drive to Calgary and Edmonton.


  1. Red deer has demanding marketplace of two million individuals or buyers and two international airports, real estate at affordable rates and lot of greenery.


  1. It has very diverse economic condition with big oil and gas companies, transportation and manufacturing industries offering tons of opportunities for small businesses and unique entrepreneurial mind-set.


  1. All big stores as well as food chains that you are aware and love are here apart from range of local shops and restaurants that are waiting for you to discover delicious food items.