A great way to spend a couple hours is to play laser tag. Whether you are going just yourself or are wanting to use it for birthday fun, laser tag is definitely a great option. With lots of places to hide to catch the other players off guard, it makes it super a super fun activity for any age. There is a waiver that will need to be signed if you are wanting to participate in the fun. There are waivers at LaZerForce or you can also find it online to bring it with you. If you are with a group, it is sometimes easier to have them already signed and ready to go so as to not waste any awesome fun playing time!

As it is interactive, you will be able to see your accuracy of your shots and how many players you were able to hit during the game. This can make for some great competition among friends or even yourself.

Be sure to wear darker clothing so that you don’t stand out as much in the black lights. You will want to try to be stealthy to make it more fun. You can either try and snipe the other players in a great hiding spot or run around trying to win a shoot out against the other players. You never know what may be coming up behind you so be sure to be on the lookout for other players.

Located in behind the Superstore, there is lots of parking available and is easy to get to. One is able to purchase single games, a 3-game package deal, group rates, 2 different birthday packages to choose from and there is the option of an exclusive rental. There are snack foods available for purchase too. For a birthday party, there is the party room to use. However, you will need to remember to bring the cake and any other food and drinks that you are wanting to enjoy during the birthday. Don’r forget that you will need to book the room in advance and there will be a deposit required to hold your time slot.

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