Red Deer Neighbourhoods

As with any city, or even with larger towns, there are sections that are divided and made into neighbourhoods. This helps people navigate the city as it helps provide a smaller section of the city to find and then is easier to find an exact location. In Red Deer, there are many different neighbourhoods, also known as subdivisions. Red Deer is also divided by the Red Deer River to create North Red Deer and South Red Deer. One also uses the Gaetz Avenue, that runs north to south, to further divide the city into East Side and West Side. Most individual neighbourhoods, unless they are small, are also divided into sections. This helps people navigate the city to know which area you need to start in and then as they continue looking at smaller areas, it is easy to find the location they are looking for.


Here we will touch on each of the neighbourhoods that Red Deer has to give you an idea of where they are located in Red Deer.


Anders Park

This neighbourhood is in the south east area or Red Deer. It is considered a more prestigious area and includes a variety of homes from single-family to multi-family properties. There are town homes in this area all the way up to the higher scale executive type homes. There is also Anders Park East and Anders South that is part of the Anders area, but these areas are the higher end upscale homes. Anders South also has a man-made “lake” that has a nice walking trail around it to add to the high end feel to the area.


Aspen Ridge

Located in the southeast part of Red Deer, this area offers more duplexes, single family homes and also an adult-only condo. The area is middle to high end with a local commercial area for easy shopping. There is also a community park in this area that is perfect for families to enjoy.



This is a well-established area of south Red Deer and is one that is in the most southern parts close to Gaetz Ave. Its location is ideal as it is close to the South-Point Commons shopping area and Bower Mall. It is also very easy to get to other areas of the city from this location. With so much close at hand for those who live in this area it makes it the ideal location. There is also the fact that it has a lot of green space in the area to make it seem like you are not in a thriving city.


Clearview Meadows

This area is a family-oriented area that is a more mature area. Boasting mature trees and a beautiful park at its center, making it easy to get to. There are many options of homes available here and has a great community feel.


Clearview Ridge

This newly developed area is in the north/eastern part of South Red Deer. It has grown and been developed to create its own little community with shopping and other amenities available. The ability to have most things readily available within walking distance or just a couple minute drive, has caused this new area to be a prime location to live.


College Park

A small section on the south-east side of Red Deer. This little area actually consists of small treed “acreages” that provide a lot of privacy and space while still being in the city. Most of these extra huge lots consist of large houses and is part of the Timberstone area but is set off as its own little entity.


Deer Park

Located in the central eastern part of South Red Deer, this mature area is great for families. A lot of mature trees and landscaping make this area a beautiful place to raise a family. Homes are well maintained and there are parks nearby. One can easily go north or south to get to shopping areas and other amenities. Deer Park is sectioned off into 4 parts known as Deer Park Village, Deer Park Estates, Devonshire and Davenport. Each section has its own large park to enjoy also.



Located in the heart of the city, you will find homes that range from character homes, apartments, condos and infills. This location brings you close to all the beautiful parks that are within the downtown area and the walking trails that run through them. It also makes it convenient to enjoy all the shopping that is available downtown.



This is an area that is in a great location as it is in the central east part of South Red Deer. It is an affordable area to live for families and it is easy to get anywhere in Red Deer from this location. There is shopping centers and other amenities close by and the area has a great family feel to it. There is lots of mature trees to help give the area its appeal. This area is divided up into Eastview on the west half and Eastview Estates on the east half.



Located beside Bower Ponds, this area is located on the most south point of north-west Red Deer. Being so close to the river and access to the wonderful walking trails of Bower Ponds makes this area a great location that is an older area with homes that are affordable. Surrounded by green space and trees this small neighbourhood has mostly single-family homes with a few condos available too.


Garden Heights

Upscale homes are located in this prestigious new development area just on the south side of Red Deer. With large lots and large homes and right up the hill from the Red Deer river, you will find these homes nestled beside the river’s forest. Adjacent to this neighbourhood is Clearview with its newly developed local commercial area for easy shopping.



In the central north part of Red Deer you will find homes that are affordable with a variety of sizes and options for many incomes. From single-family houses or mobile homes to town homes and apartment complexes along with parks and green spaces create this community. Close to many amenities, it is easy to get to any north-side shopping areas within minutes, including the GH Dawe Rec Center.



An older area of Red Deer that is great for first time buyers as there are many single family and multifamily properties here. Many homes have gone through renovations to update the area to give them a greater appeal. The appeal to the area is that a lot of homes were built a long while ago, so they have their own quaint appeal to them. Being an older area also brings beautiful mature trees that adds even more appeal to this area. It is easy to get to many areas of the city with its south-central location. Waskasoo Creek also runs along this area adding the convince of easy access to walking trails. There are more upscale houses that run right along the creek so that the property backs onto the forest area.


Highland Green

Conveniently located in the central part of North Red Deer, this area also includes Highland Green Estates. With many different housing options in this area close to major shopping centers, it makes it a great place to live. From apartments, duplexes, four-plexes, town homes, condos and single home dwellings, the range is vast to accommodate many people’s needs. 2 schools and the GH Dawe Center is also located in this neighbourhood.



Established in 2004, this newer developed neighbourhood is a great option to live in with town homes, condos and single-family home options. It is the farthest south area and is central. With parks and affordable homes, this community minded area is a great place to live. There are amenities not too far away and it is easy to get to the South Point Commons shopping area.


Johnstone Park

This neighbourhood was developed in 2002 and is located in the most north-west corner of Red Deer. There are beautiful parks, large sidewalks and streets for easy maneuverability. There are different housing options from duplexes and condos to a variety of sizes of single-family homes. With so many options of housing available it is a great location for anyone looking to live in Red Deer.



Situated as one of the most northern area of Red Deer, many people are drawn to this area as it gives easier access to other locations close to Red Deer. With many major roads nearby, it makes the area the ideal spot for those who are needing to commute for work. There are town homes and single-family homes that are more middle to higher end yet very affordable homes. This area is divided into 3 sections – Kentwood West, Kentwood East and Kingsgate is also part of this area and is the northern part.



In one of the most southern-eastern locations available in Red Deer, you will find this ideal neighbourhood. It has continued to expand since it was started in the mid-1990s. There is shopping and other amenities that can be easily accessed. With its many closes and winding streets this area was created to keep the speed of drivers down to help the many families in the area feel that their kids are safer while playing outside or riding their bikes. There are mostly single dwelling homes in this area with a few town homes or duplexes available. The homes are in the upper middle to high range as the location of this area is ideal for many people with it being on the outer edge of the city. Included in this area is Lancaster Green, Lonsdale and Laredo.


Michener Hill

Just in the top corner of the south-east section of Red Deer, you will find a neighbourhood close to the Gaetz Lakes Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Also, being on top of a hill, there are many beautiful view points that one can take in from the walking trails that are nearby.



The mature, well- established area of Morrisroe still draws many people in due to its desirable location in the central part of South-East Red Deer. With the ability to get to major shopping areas within minutes the area has continued to be developed and upgraded to continue to be a desirable area. Parks and green spaces with mature trees also make the area great for families. Town homes, duplexes and small and large single-family homes, most on larger lots, are affordable for people looking to move to Red Deer.



This neighbourhood runs along the Waskasoo Creek in the south-east quadrant of Red Deer. This is an older area with older homes that are slowly being updated to add more value to the area. Being close to the creek offers walking trails and a nice treed area with chances of wildlife roaming by. Some more upscale homes have the view of the forested area to give the feeling that one is not living in the city.



Up on the north end on the west side of Gaetz Ave, you will find this large neighbourhood. Consisting of many housing options including, mobile homes, multi-family dwellings, and single-home housing, there is a large range from low to middle income housing to suit different needs. There are also large green spaces available to enjoy and also a lot of commercial options close by.



Close to downtown and the Rotary Recreation Park, this area is one of the historic areas of the city and you will find many character homes and also a lot of homes that have been upgraded. Backing onto the Waskasoo Creek also adds to the appeal to the area. Having access to downtown shopping and the Rec Park has appeal to many. The Pioneer’s Lodge is also located here and has many historical and cultural artifacts to help connect to Red Deer’s history.



In the north-east part of Red Deer there is a little neighbourhood tucked in-behind the commercial area off of Gaetz Avenue. There are many options for any stage of life. Pines Lodge Assisted Living is located here along with apartment complexes and low to high end single-family houses. Higher end homes are situated in a large treed green space close to the Red Deer River and walking trails. Those who live in the Pines area are also able to easily access numerous commercial shopping including the Parkland Mall.


Oriole Park and Oriole Park West

Located in the south-west part of the North end, Oriole Park provides a great place for those who commute. Its easy access to highway 2 and highway 11 makes it very easy to get in and out of and there are many options for those who want to live in the area. Oriole Park is mostly single-family homes that are more low-high mid-ranged homes and Oriole Park West has more higher end homes. The appeal to this area is the amount of green space the closeness to the Red Deer River, Bower Ponds and the Red Deer Golf and Country Club.


Riverside Meadows

Situated on the north side of the Red Deer River and close to downtown this area has lots of apartments, town houses, and single-family homes. Most of the properties here are affordable for those with a lower income. Being close to the river offers quick access to the walking trail that runs along the river. Being almost downtown also enables people the ability to get to the shopping centers located there quickly. The old CPR Bridge is also right there for people to enjoy walking across the river.


Rosedale Estates and Rosedale Meadows

A well established area that appeal to many people of many ages is Rosedale. With many options for housing in the mid to high end range, you can find single-family homes, adult only homes, and some town houses. There are several green spaces and lots of mature trees for families to enjoy and shopping close by. Being on the south-east side, just on the south side of highway 11, offers a quiet area that a lot of the older generation like to downsize to and families to enjoy.


South Hill

Located just off of Gaetz Avenue, this south end neighbourhood mostly consists of apartment complexes and town houses. Some are for families and others for adult only. As they are not single-family dwellings, they are quite affordable for most people. With Kin Kanyon right beside these complexes it makes it nice for families that live here or that are visiting to have such a large park, walking trails and green space to enjoy. Being located close to the south side commercial area, makes it ideal to be able to quickly get to where one wants to go.



In the south-east quadrant of Red Deer and central west, you will find this character neighbourhood. It has lots of mature trees and has lots of green space. Being an older development means it has larger lots than those of the newer developments so many people are drawn to this area. There are multi-family and single-family options to find in this area with a wide range of prices to suit most needs.



One of the most southern parts of Red Deer, Southbrook (aka Sunnybrook South) has very high-end town houses and houses and is surrounded by larges green spaces. Quite recently developed these upscale homes offer modern finishes and fixtures and there is also an adult only community here too. Being on the south end offers a quick drive to get to the South Common Shopping area of Red Deer and other amenities.


Timberstone, Timber Ridge and Timberlands

These areas are the most recently developed areas of Red Deer and is still being developed with new homes. They are in the same area, but is divided up into sections to help know which part you are in. They are in the most north-east corner of South Red Deer. The homes that are made here are high quality and are made with the environment in mind. They have been built to be energy efficient and to have a low impact on the environment. The layout has also been well thought out so that there are natural areas that have trails for walking and biking. This area is family oriented and has commercial shopping areas right close by for convenience.


Vanier Woods

This is in the farthest south-east corner of Red Deer and has was recently developed along with its other section known as Vanier Woods East. The area was created in a way that utilizes the wetlands that is in the area and these natural areas have made it a create location to enjoy walking. There is lots of green spaces too to add to the appeal to this location for many families. There is a commercial area that is being developed also for this area. There are condos, town houses and single-family homes in this area and are more in the higher end range.


West Park

Adjacent from Red Deer College in the south-west area of Red Deer, this neighbourhood offers a lot of advantages. There are many homes for a variety of prices. West Park has low to high range homes with multi-family complexes and single-houses. There are some higher end homes that back up to the Red Deer River. There are several green spaces and walking trails in this area and is very close to shopping centers and located just off of a highway 2 exit making it easy to come and go.


West Lake

West Lake is more the high to very high-end homes and is an extension of West Park. This area also backs up against the south side of the Red Deer River and is the most south-west residential neighbourhood. Being right by the river offers walking trails and also Heritage Ranch is just a bit father west. There are very large treed lots available right against the river with upscale homes.



A small neighbourhood that is located on the south banks of the Red Deer River, you will find a wide range of homes here. From small to large, some updated and some not this area is one of the older sections of the city. You will also find the Memorial Centre which hosts the Farmer’s Market yearly and also the Gaetz Lakes Migratory Bird Sanctuary is located right beside this area which brings a lot of green space, trails, and natural beauty to those who live here.