Renting In Red Deer

Renting is what a lot of people do when it comes to how they will pay for the place that they are going to live. Whether you are a young person just starting out on their own or older and have chosen not to be tied to a mortgage there are many benefits to renting. There are also many things to consider when you are deciding about renting. Keep in mind, the bigger the place the more rent you will need to pay each month. So, you will need to make a budget to see what you will be able to afford each month.



What Type of Home to Rent


First off it is a good idea to decide what type of home you would like to rent and therefore you can find something that is in your price range of that type. There is a large variety of rental properties out there that one can choose from.



There are many houses that one can rent, big or small. This can look different ways depending on your situation. You may be a family and therefore need the whole house or you may rent a house and then find roommates to help share the cost. Another example is if someone owns a large house or their kids have moved out, they may rent out a room also.


Basement Suit

Some people have turned their basements into its own suite or have divided a house into an upper floor and basement rental house. Normally a basement suite will have its own entrance to ensure privacy of those living upstairs and those downstairs. There will also be a separate kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom(s) and most likely laundry too.



There are many apartments available out there for rent. Whether is a low-rise or high-rise building complex. Apartments are great for those who don’t need a lot of space (although you can find large apartments). They give you more privacy as you will have your own space. Also, normally you will find that an apartment tends to be less a month in rent. If there is more than one bedroom you also have the option of sharing the expense of the rent with a roommate.


Town House

A town house is an attached home. There is at least two attached together, although if it is only two it is normally referred to as a duplex. If you are needing extra space or would like to have a yard, town houses are a great option. The added space and privacy make it nicer if you are needing a roommate to help with the cost of renting.



Much like an apartment, condos are single units within a large building comprised of many units. A condo owner is allowed to rent out their unit (if that building allows it), however if you rent a condo you will have to obey the Condominium Property Act and any other condo bylaws that apply to that building.


What Are Important Things To Consider When Deciding On A Rental Property


While deciding on what type of home you are looking for there are other things that you will want to think about as you are looking around for your rental home. Things like access to public transportation can be very important for those who will utilize this amenity. Other things that you will want to look at when deciding on where to live are: how far is the grocery stores, schools, work, shopping centers, day care, doctor’s office/hospital, and even where your family and friends are located in the city too.

The other thing of course in the amount you will need to pay each month. Some homes will be more expensive than others and usually you will also need to pay a security deposit when you secure your rental lease with the first month’s rent. So, you will need to be sure that you can afford each month’s payment and that you have saved up enough for the first month and security deposit when you start looking for a place to live.

When renting sometimes utilities are included in the rental price and other times you will be responsible for your own utilities. Other times the utilities will be split up between you and the landlord. So, this is something else that you will have to be aware of when looking at different rental properties and to be sure to ask the landlord about. If you are unsure what is considered a necessity utility, it normally includes: power, water, heat, gas and depending on the place there may also be: internet, phone line and cable TV. If you are looking at an apartment or condo, you will have to find out if a parking stall will be available to you and it if is included in the rent or not.

If you have a pet, there are not many rental properties that do allow pets. So, if you have a pet or are thinking about getting a pet, be sure that you will be able to keep your pet. It can be very heartbreaking for both you and your pet if you find out that you are not able to bring your pet with you to your new rental home. So, it is a good idea to look for properties that allow pets. Also, be aware that rental properties that do allow pets will require a non-refundable pet deposit or they may charge extra each month for your pet.

Sometimes you may find rentals that include furniture. This is a great feature for those who are just starting out and may not have any or much of their own furniture yet. To know if the property comes with furniture, it will be listed on the ad that it is furnished or unfurnished. Sometimes furnished rentals may charge more to ensure that the tenants take care of the furniture provided.

One last thing to look for while one is deciding on a rental is security features. The common types of security measures that you may find are: alarms, deadbolts and chains on doors, entrance buzzer for guests or security desk (for apartments and condos), keys or fobs.

If you are needing a place to rent, but do not have enough money to rent, you can check out the Affordable housing program to is what options there are for your situation. You may be a candidate for subsidized housing (which is a government program which helps those with low incomes a reduction in their rent).


How To Find Places To Rent


There are many ways to find out what is for rent in Red Deer. With the technological age a lot has moved away from newspaper ads, although you will still find them in the classified section. The most popular place you will find rentals is online on Facebook buy and sell pages and Kijiji. If you are attending Red Deer College, they will also post what is available on campus and on message boards those who have an off-campus place may post the need for a roommate there. You can also ask family and friends who live here, a realtor, and community organizations to help direct you to the right place. If anything, one can also drive or walk around to look for signs that have an available to rent sign.


Questions To Ask When Viewing A Rental Home


There are questions that you should be sure to ask the landlord when you go view a potential rental home. Asking questions will help you to not be caught by surprise by anything and it will help you decide on which home that will suit your needs and income the best.


About the rent:

  • How much will the rent be each month?
  • What day would you like the rent to be paid?
  • Is there a certain number of months that I have to rent the place for?
  • What does the rent all cover?
  • Are the utilities covered or other services covered with the rent?
  • Does the rent cover parking?


About the lease:

  • Is the lease month to month or for a fixed period of time?
  • How long is the fixed lease (if it is a fixed lease), 6 months or 1 year?
  • Will there be a fee if I end the lease early?


What are the rules about living here?

  • Am I allowed pets?
  • Are children allowed here? (yes, some rentals do not rent to families)
  • Am I allowed to have guests over?
  • May I put pictures up? Shelving? Paint? Plant flowers? Or anything else that may change the look of the property.
  • May I smoke on the property?
  • Is there a laundry time that I am to use? (for shared accommodations)
  • Are there rules about noise level?
  • Are there rules that are applied if I bother a neighbour or other renters in the home or building?

There may be other questions that you think of as you go, but these ones are important to be sure to ask either before or after you look at the property.


Checking The Rental Property


While you are looking at the property there are a few things you will want to notice as you are going through it. You will want to check it thoroughly to be sure that you don’t miss any hidden problems that could potentially be a problem.

  • Look to see if the neighbourhood feels safe
  • Be sure the inside and outside of the building looks clean
  • Check to see if the building is in good repair including the roof if you can see the shingles from the ground
  • Try and listen to see if the building is quiet or if you can hear noise from adjoining units
  • Double check that the appliances are fully working
  • Run the water to see that all taps, toilets and shower/bathtubs work
  • Look to see if there is any mold in the bathroom or around windows
  • Check that the locks to the home work properly